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  • How does car wrapping work?
    In essence, car wrapping works by covering a particular panel in a vinyl film to change the colour of the vehicle whilst also adding a degree of protection.
  • Are there any legalities with car wrapping?
    You must inform the DVLA of the colour change, as well as inform your insurer, however the price of your insurance is unlikely to change.
  • How long will the wrap last?
    This is down to many factors including correct aftercare, all of our wraps are given a 3 year warranty, however most wraps will last to a good standard for 5 years (brand depending).
  • I need help with designing, can you do this?
    At SGwraps we offer in-house design with our experienced team.
  • How long does each wrap take?
    This is down to each vehicle & down to the colour/finish chosen, average time for a standard colour change is 5-7 days.
  • Is there any aftercare I need to do?
    Yes! Correct aftercare is essential, most of our wraps are recommended to be ceramic coated, giving you room for error when maintaining your fresh wrap. However good practice of common sense applies, don't use harsh chemicals, use PH neutral shampoos and there are specific waxes & polishes you can use on the market, which can be purchased through us.
  • How can I get a price?
    Contact us through the Contact Us page or message us through social media, also linked on this site. If you'd like a more personal touch, call us on the numbers provided on this site.
  • What else do you wrap other than cars?
    We can wrap just about anything, by all means test us, we are always up for a challenge!
  • Do you offer any other services?
    Of course, we try to cover just about every angle of the wrapping / branding world. Wrapping / tinting / ppf / custom livery / custom design / signage / clothing / vehicle customisation / detailing / printing ... the list goes on!
  • My car has stone chips and dents, will the wrap hide this?
    Unfortunately wrapping a vehicle only highlights the issues in the bodywork, however light swirl marks and scratching can easily be hidden. We would always recommend the vehicle to be in the best condition possible before wrapping.
  • Will the weather affect my wrap in any way?
    To a small extent it can effect your wrap just like paint if you leave it in direct sunlight, but mainly the weather won't affect the finish of your wrap.
  • Do you only wrap personal vehicles?
    No, we can brand/wrap commercial vehicles as well, in fact this is where SGwraps first planted its roots!
  • Do you offer finance options?
    This will be offered in 2022, as a payment option for all orders over £1000.
  • Do you offer packages?
    We do, in fact that is a main goal of SGwraps to become a "one stop shop" for all your vehicle customisation needs, from wheel powder coating to custom part fitting.
  • Where are you based?
    The Contact Us page will give you the answer, but in short we are based in Sevenoaks, Kent.
  • What colours do you offer?
    Just about every colour & finish you could possibly want we can achieve with vinyl wrapping or PPF.
  • I've found somewhere cheaper, can you price match?
    In short no, at SGwraps we consider our pricing to be competitive for the standards of our work and the level of customer service given, we will never be the cheapest nor the most expensive.
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